Welcome to the course

Thank you for being with with us for the 3 clock hour continuing education (CE) training. The course is designed to meet the topic needs of both behavioral health ethics (for professional/mental health counselors, MFTs, social workers, psychologists, and addiction professionals), as well as meeting the topic needs for areas of multiculturalism/cultural diversity.

If you have questions about the CE approvals for PsychMaven, and/or are looking for guidance for the CE requirements in your state, please visit us at https://www.psychmaven.org/ce-approval

This training involves both video and some additional reading, all with post-tests as required by home-study continuing education standards. Your CE certificate will be available once you finish this course.

As this course has continuing education (CE) hours connected with it, the lectures have to be completed in order. After finishing a lecture, you need to click on the tap that says "Complete and continue" on the upper righthand of the page in order to unlock the next lecture.

Sometimes people have issues accessing the material after purchase, or they need to have their password reset. Below is a quick video we made to help navigate those issues.

We hope you enjoy the training!

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