About this free course and other offers

About this mini-course

Bill O'Hanlon has taught thousands of people around the world creative and innovative ways to help facilitate change through hypnosis, humor, and solution-oriented approaches.

This brief mini-course comes from a series of lessons Bill reported a few years ago regarding his Ericksonian approach to clinical hypnosis.

At this point, Bill is pretty much retired as a clinical teacher. Most of his time is now devoted to family, friends, and his creative endeavors as a songwriter. However, Bill is graciously continuing his partnership with PsychMaven to continue to provide his outstanding content. Along with this free course, we also have periodic enrollments for Bill's full course on Ericksonian Hypnosis, as well as his course on the general therapeutic modality he developed, the Solution-Oriented Approach.

Stay connected with us on our email list and we will be happy to let you know when we have enrollment periods for either of those courses.