About course material & structure

This course is Bill O'Hanlon's largest program he has ever done, and it includes lecture material, recorded hypnosis demonstrations, top level research on hypnosis, insights for other Ericksonian experts, and more.

So you are aware, this course has been built around a "practitioner–scholar model" of instruction.

In that, it is our desire that this course imparts a lot of practical application points for those who work as behavioral health providers and/or other change-work professionals

But students of this course should know that the curriculum also includes many lectures that focus on research/scholarly articles and other resources, as it is also our desire to help form the thinking/conceptualization process of our students as they consider developing their own frames and methods for the integration of Ericksonian theory in trancework.

Continuing education (CE) hours for article reading will be calculated using the NBCC and ASWB model of 1,500 words equals 0.25 clock hours.

This course has been designed for practitioners at the graduate level or higher. And though all helping-professionals, and even those just interested in the topic, are welcomed to take this course, please note that research, as well as application, will be explored through the curriculum.

See above in the upper-right section of the screen where it says "Complete and Continue"- or simply the right pointing arrow (>) if you are in a mobile device or in the app- make sure to click this when done to progress through the course to the next lecture.

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